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King penguin colony at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia. Thousands of adults and chicks packed together.

King penguins ready for a swim at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.

Hugging king penguins at Gold Harbour, South Georgia.

Elephant seal pups at Gold Harbour, South Georgia.

culinary pleasures on board

You would think making a expedition style journey to one of the remotest places on earth would be basic, but we cruised the Antarctics in 5 star comfort. A French ship, with French cooks, two gorgeous restaurants, fine dining twice a day every day. Yes, life really sucks 😉

other birdies

Besides penguins there were lots of other birds in Antarctica. Here’s a summery of some other birdies we came across. The first one is a tern obviously, but the Antarctic species (Antarctische stern).

This was a beautiful one, called snow petrel (Sneeuwstormvogel). The only time I got to see one was from the ship, during a snow storm.

Gulls of course, but I really don’t know what kind…

Skua or giant skua, I forgot (Jager of Grote jager)

And this last guy is a Petrel (stormvogel, uit de orde van buissnaveligen), which I found the least attractive bird over there.