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magellanic penguin

magellanic penguins sunrise

Magellanic penguin gathering on the beach at sunrise.

magellanic penguins burrow

Magellanic penguins don’t breed out in the open like the Kings and Gentoo. Their nests are built in burrows and they are quite alarmed when you pass them, which is unavoidable really, as there are burrows everywhere you walk.

magellanic penguins beach

Three Magellanics on the beach.

magellanic penguin and king beach 2

Magellanic and King.

king penguin chick

king penguin kuiken 01

So ugly they become beautiful again 🙂

king penguin kuiken 02

To me, king penguin chicks were the least attractive, compared to other penguin chicks I encountered on the Falklands. Nevertheless, I think I should show some photos of them here.

king penguin kuiken 05

Big brown hairy balls, just standing there and doing nothing.

king penguin kuiken 03

Or they would be screaming and begging for food. See my next blog.

king penguin kuiken 04

king cormorant colony

king cormorants colony wide angle carcass 01

Large numbers of king cormorants, also known as the imperial shag, in their breeding colony on the rocky hills of Carcass Island. The colony stretches all the way down, as far as you can see. The first photo was taken during one of the many short rain and hail showers on Carcass.

The second photo shows empty nests from the year before. Word goes it has something to do with parasites, so they swap places every year, staying on the same hillside.

king cormorants colony wide angle carcass 02


black-browed albatross

Courting albatrosses on Saunders Island. It was somewhere overhere, on one of the last days of my stay on The Falklands, that I fell and hit my head on a rock, leaving a little scar just above the right eyebrow. Sort of marked by the black-browed albatross, I guess.

first encounter

kings first encounter

After three long days of traveling I had my very first encounter with the King Penguins.
Shortly before sun down, swollen legs of three days sitting in planes, jet lag and all, I stumbled to the beach to see what I’ve had been dreaming of for almost two years of preparation. And there they were, so close I could have touched them, because they are totally not shy. I sat down with them and wiped away a few tears. I have spared no expense or effort to see you, I told them. They nodded, they had seen more of those lunatics.

a day at the beach

gentoo beach 01

Gentoo penguins are a little shyer dan the kings, but when you just lie down and don’t move they overcome that shyness and become quite inquisitive.

gentoo beach 03

They approached as if to say hello to me and after a while they sorted themselves like musicians posing for a cd cover.

gentoo beach 02

king penguins


Life is full of dilemma’s. Like which composition is better: the large one or the cropped version below?
King penguins were my main goal at the Falklands, but they proved to be a hard subject to capture in an attractive way. Many of them are just standing with there eyes closed while incubating a precious single egg on their toes. And then there’s te size. King penguins are large birds and I had a hard time trying to find compositions that would work. Anyway, whilst trying to get a grip on the large numbers of photos I took in the two weeks of my stay on the Falkland Islands, I thought this one would be a nice starter. Taken at Volunteer point, where breeding is combined with a bit of courtship.