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King penguin colony at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia. Thousands of adults and chicks packed together.

King penguins ready for a swim at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.

Hugging king penguins at Gold Harbour, South Georgia.

Elephant seal pups at Gold Harbour, South Georgia.

weddell seal

In Antarctica the only mammals on land are different kinds of seals, like this Weddell seal we encountered during a zodiac tour.

I tried different kinds of post-processing and crops. The third photo is a 100% crop.

leopard seal eating adélie

During our first zodiac tour in Antarctica we came across this gruesome scene: a Leopard seal had just caught an Adélie penguin.

When hunting penguins, the Leopard seal patrols the waters near the edges of the ice, almost completely submerged, waiting for the birds to enter the ocean.

It kills the swimming bird by grabbing the feet, then shaking the penguin vigorously and beating its body against the surface of the water repeatedly until the penguin is dead. We saw all of this happening from our zodiacs, it took about 10 to 15 minutes for the poor Adélie to die.

What you see in the first two shots is the decapitated head of the Adélie penguin in the mouth of the Leopard seal. In the last two photos the remains of the penguin body are gobbled in.

Prehistoric creature.

cooper bay and stromness

In Cooper Bay I saw my first Macaroni penguins.

Photos all taken from a zodiac, moving around a lot and in bad lightning conditions.

Baby fur seal crying to its mom in Stromness.

Baby fur seal and its mom.

Male adult fur seal.

Male adult fur seal in Stromness. Old whaling era buildings in the background

gold harbour

King penguin love.

Gold Harbour at sunrise. Thousands and thousands of King Penguins and Southern elephant seals.

Photo taken from the ship, just before sunrise.

First sunbeams on the King Penguins as we meet them on their beach at Gold Harbour.

The stranger in our midst. An elephant seal in the King penguin colony.

Life in the King penguin creche.

King penguiun chick wondering about something.

O my god! It’s a giant king chick!!

Wide angle shot of Gold Harbour beach.

King penguin diving into the sea.


mating elephant seal

Many southern elephant seals in South Georgia, where they go by the name “blubber”. No explanation needed I should think.
Mating couple in the first photo and an extreme full frame portrait of a male adult in the second.

extreme portrait of a male adult elephant seal