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Emperor penguins courting and showing the beautiful graphic linings in their feathering.

Emperor penguin chicks exploring the world.

Emperor penguins leaving the colony to forage in the sea.

first encounter: curiosity on both sides

First encounter: curiosity on both sides.

One of the many groups of the colony huddling together.

three emperor penguins

Three emperor penguins standing in the colony of Snow Hill Island.

Last but not least: Emperor penguins chicks marching.

courting kings

Courting king penguins, early in the morning on the beach.
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king penguins


Life is full of dilemma’s. Like which composition is better: the large one or the cropped version below?
King penguins were my main goal at the Falklands, but they proved to be a hard subject to capture in an attractive way. Many of them are just standing with there eyes closed while incubating a precious single egg on their toes. And then there’s te size. King penguins are large birds and I had a hard time trying to find compositions that would work. Anyway, whilst trying to get a grip on the large numbers of photos I took in the two weeks of my stay on the Falkland Islands, I thought this one would be a nice starter. Taken at Volunteer point, where breeding is combined with a bit of courtship.